by Caffiends

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released January 4, 2014


all rights reserved



Chisel Records London, Ontario

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Track Name: (Life's a) Salad (and You're Gonna Toss it)
Sometimes I can't help wondering
How things they could be different
Alright, things could be alright
But now I can't help thinking about
How things they aint quite working out
All night, you fucked him all night

When all redeeming qualities have past
And every hope afloat is sinking fast

Well I just don't care about you
And all those fucked up things that you do
I just don't care about you
Track Name: Where There's a Wilma There's a Way
Wilma, she's a punk rock teacher
Wilma, she comes to all our shows
Wilma, she has a pi tattoo
Wilma, she's fucking cooler than you

Parties all night till she hits the floor
Luis picks her up now she's ready for more
Next day shes out teaching kids
Hangovers and addition

Cause she's Wilma fucking Cancel
She's cooler than you
Track Name: Drunk Since Atlanta
Burning up again
I've been drunk since Atlanta
Beer bongs and a shitty grin
Oh no I've been taped I can't stand up

I could never satisfy
My need to drink my throat is dry
Someone help me back up on my bike

Burning up again
I've been drunk since Atlanta
Ergs records and NOFX
I'm stumbling of and I'm rambling

But what am I supposed to be?
Another walking tragedy?
A couple beers and THC
Could never hurt a guy like me
Track Name: I, Caffiend
More caffeine
It's what I need
Come on man
It's what I fucking need

So shoot me up
Right in my veins
Come on man
I know you feel my pain

I, Caffiend
Track Name: Tall Boys for Short Girls
I'm hanging out tonight and I wanna have some fun
No plans, I'm so desperate I'll drink with anyone
Went down to the party now I'm drowning in the suds

There were tall boys for short girls
It's the perfect plan
Tall boys with short girls
Too drunk to even stand

I'm drunk but I don't give a fuck what you have to say
I'm going home alone if that's the price to pay

My morals aint off center
I'm really trying here
I'm not gonna take advantage
Of anything but my beer

I'm too drunk to even stand
Track Name: It's a Time Machine, Asshole!
I'm sick of paying for my rent
And I'm tired of always being sick
I'm not living the rock and roll life
A big fat fucking barfly lie
A sure shot into my spine and that's alright

I'm giving it all that I can give
I'm flaking out on all my friends
I'm not feel desensitized
When all I see I fucking despise
A shit-storms in from the coast and that just fine

But if I had a chance to go back
A way to turn back time
I'd make those same mistakes each time
Track Name: CPR
Do you remember?
Back in 2003
We used to run around in circles
And act kind of silly
Track Name: Goodbye Consciousness
Digitally remastered. Originally released on the digital e.p., redneck hot tub time machine, self released. Re-released on Anti-Authority Records.
Never thought that you and I would ever be at an end
No one helped me see it coming except for every one of my friends
Well I would try, try, try to find a reason I wanna stick around this town
I always there to help you but you were always there to let me down

Lately I've been feeling my hearts all black and blue
Lately I've been thinking that I'm losing my mind
But lately I've been losing you

Now I'm left here with a feeling that's oh so fucking lame
Every symptom pointing to being legally insane
I don't know what to do maybe go sniff some glue
Goodbye consciousness
Anything to keep from thinking my life's a fucking mess
Track Name: Step it Up
You need to get out tonight
You need to go live your life

You need to step it up
Make sure it's enough
You need to step it up
And step it up tonight

You need to get off your ass
Cause you don't you know life's just a gas?
Track Name: Dani is a Bike Punk
Dani is a punk
She rides her bike
Super short hair but she ain't no dyke
Oh no
Track Name: Fight Team Fight!
Go go go, team team team
I don't give a shit about my home town team

Who cares anyway?
About sports these days?
That shits so lame to me
Track Name: Blood Stained Eyes
Don't call it a movement when you waste your fucking life
I greet my day with blood stained eyes

But everybody knows
You've got it as easy as it goes
When you act like it's so bad
And I keep on wondering why?
Why the fuck are you alive?
When you're already so dead

Keep singing whoa-oh-oh
Track Name: Liquid Girl
I don't wanna fucking fuck
I wanna get wasted drunk
You chase tail
I drink ale
"To the bar" is what I yell

Cause baby, you're my liquid girl
Four tall boys I'm on top of the world

Blacked out nights and great stories
Being thrown out in a blaze of glory
Piss my pants but she don't care
Life without her just wouldn't be fair
Track Name: Smoke n' Monsters
Maybe it's my actions I can't justify
Maybe it's all my wasted time
But I can't take the way you always hang out in my mind
Or the way you make me wish that I wasn't alive

But it's ok, it's ok, it's ok
We have those same dam thoughts every day
It's ok, its ok

One more beer will probably help me justify
How well I'm managing my life
But I can't take the way you always hang out in my mind
Or the way you make me wish that I wasn't alive

But it's ok, it's ok, it's ok
We have those same damn thought every day
It's so easy to cope without change
It's ok, it's ok

I'm left here wondering if anything will get me on my feet
And make me realize that things I like don't pay for shit that I need
And when your spare change is thrown in for drinking
You can be the most popular guy in the garage

Ever day I live a little less of my life
Floating in and out of punches from day to night
Waiting patiently for everything to be right
But I'm wasting my time
Track Name: Hung Up!
You came around to this town some long time ago
When we first met didn't expect you to be the coolest girl I know
But I found out you were here for now so that your boy could go to Full Sail school
Now I know that you'll eventually go and I'm left here playing the fool

And I just don't know what to do
But I don't wanna be hung up on you

Now your telling me your going away to Californ-I-A
And I wonder if I ever again will get a chance to see your face
But you know that I wish you well and that you come back around some day
But you know you left me here all alone stuck in the rain

Don't wanna be hung up on you

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