We Could Be Anywhere

by Awkward Age

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released March 22, 2015


all rights reserved



Chisel Records London, Ontario

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Track Name: Little Prayer
Sit down and tell me everything
About your worst surprise
Because I’ve got a beating heart that says I can take it
We could be anywhere you see
I could be anyone
But I would do anything so don’t try to break me

Just say you’ll be fine and I’m all that you wanted

I’ve got a little prayer for you
That’s shaking in my hands
It says it’s possible to come back to heaven
But all the verses that I write
Will send me straight to hell
It’s where I’m coming from so lift me with notions t

Sometimes I wish I could lose control
I would pay with everything I own if you let me try
Track Name: Waste It
Let it go
This one time
You’ve breathed enough to say it
You’ve seen enough to waste it

Are you insecure
And do you need me
To tell you I’m sorry
Or do you need the strength of a better man

Let it bleed now
So you can tell yourself that you were the better man

Hey Kid, rock and roll
Nobody tells you where to go
Hey Kid, look at you
Nobody tells you what to do
I wouldn’t give a shit
If you tried to make some sense
But Hey Kid, rock and roll
Nobody tells you where to go
Track Name: Jaime's A Wreck
Jamie’s a wreck
Jamie’s a wreck and you know it
Jamie’s a wreck
Jamie’s a wreck and you know it

Burning up the back stock
Somethings never work out
I will find a way to break it down
I gotta get out of here

Jamie’s a wreck
I can’t respect what you’re selling
You are a wreck
I am the one who is calling

Burning up the back stock
Somethings never work out
I will find a way to break it down
I’m calling to say

Get up
Track Name: Bottom Of The Ocean
Despite Gravity
We pull each other up
The laws of physics
Never applied to us
Forget about your wants
We’re in a world of needs
Entombed in concrete
Inspite of everything

It’s a long way to down to the bottom of the ocean

It’s so far away
Through miles traveled
In tributaries
You can feel the rain
It’s a baptism
Through the trials
and complications
of promises we made

I wanna hear it
I wanna hear you say
you still believe in
what’s saved
and all we cultivate
in truth we create our own realities
so make it the one that stays
Track Name: Sunlight
If I lift you up
Will there be no surprises
Left to routine disguises
Bury me in sunlight

What do you want here?
Not to be loved or hated
Or choked with inspiration
I know it’s hard for you

If I give you up
Will you still find me waiting
on 1st and 4th still hating
Everything I can’t have

Better words
Better things
Always come with better days
And I know that someday you will see it
Track Name: Hammer
I can’t be held to something
that I can’t get on my own
I wasn’t taught to follow
I was taught to start my world

In place of the one you created
I can cut through most anything
With a sharp eye for the trade out
and enough guts to get it made

I can’t be held to someone
Who’s afraid to lose control
No matter how hard you fight it
It happens to us all

Go down the whole for the feeling
Do you get it? We got it made
Do you think you’ll live forever
Or are you building your own cage?
Track Name: Gun
Tell them all that you have a gun
and they will listen to you

When I was younger
Sometimes in Summer
I would lie face down on a street
Now that I’m older
in cooling folders
I will write my life down on a sheet

I was hoping my neurosis would fade
But they’re still here and nothing really changed

I guess it’s safe to say I’m on my own
With nothing more than everything I know
But that’s ok because I still have hope
That I will make through another year without breaking down

Tell them all that you have a gun
Track Name: Always Down
You’ve got it
You’ve got it all over
Your skin that you won’t let me feel
No need to throw it with the bath water
You’ve just began to heal

It’s you and it’s me
And we’re always down
So say it’s all you need
and you’re always down

I want to hold you next to me
and I never want to let go
But when your eyes see through me
I’ve never felt more alone

When I held you in the ocean
How many perfect moments do you get in this lifetime
Track Name: Fire Escape
Will you let me out
Or will you let me in?
I’ll write you a letter
Will you let me start again

I’ll be waiting right here by the phone
and you’ll be waiting for me not to call
or take a fall
we’re not in love

In Buffalo NY
In 37 out
Scaling up the fire escape
Will you leave me here in doubt
Track Name: Hesitate
Fuck everything you said
It’s weighted and breaking
Get your words out of my head
They’re weighted and breaking

I got the message
you’re so proud of what you stole
A whole lifetime
of lines crossed
and forced control

Your predictions of my life
could make you strong
but the way that you say them
still makes it wrong

Don’t hesitate
Found the courage to destroy
What you’ve hated but been coy
right now I will hesitate
try to be the bigger man when I’m screaming in my
head get down

I’m here to leave you and let you go
Track Name: Girls and Boys
When do we measure up against your sordid past?
When do we finally take their words with grains of sand
Take me as I am
and I will be your man

We walked from 34th on central to vinoy
We told our stories of when we were girls and boys
And we never meant to go the ways which we now know

I want to set for you what you set for me
To be at peace
I want to mean to you what you mean to me
you’re all I need
you’re everything

How wonderful it feels to know that we exist
How beautiful it is to see the world like this
on an Ybor car garage
Our lives are free and strong

I would fall forever
If I tried to be the one that you would save
In time, we’ll sleep forever
I know I know I know that I can change

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